This program is targeted to help any person who aspires to create or expand a business in one of six Northwest Missouri counties: Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway or Worth.

The NWMEF board provides an Enterprise Facilitator who gives intensive, one-on-one assistance to the entrepreneur, educating him or her in the “Trinity of Management”, a concept that teaches each entrepreneur how to put a successful business and a business team into place. The Facilitator tests the personal motivation and skill of the client and develops the client's capacity to assess his/her own management strengths and weaknesses.

Besides using the intelligence and resources of the community-wide Board, the Facilitator also links clients to programs and resources offered by economic development organizations and professionals. The service is free and confidential to any local individual with an idea for starting or expanding a business.

Timber Ridge Event Center
This unique event venue will provide an authentic rustic setting
for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, graduation parties, family reunions, or any special event. The Wilts have fully restored a 100 year old hay barn which doesn’t mimic “rustic”, but embodies it. The Wilts say, “Our family has always had a creative vision and a passion for filling a need within our community. We realized there was a need for a new, beautiful wedding venue from many conversations with family and friends. After realizing this, we decided that we had enough
will power and determination to put together something truly wonderful.”
The Wilts used the services of Keli Morris, Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitator, as they embarked on this business journey. The Wilts were happy that she could provide direction on
how to apply for the needed licenses and give tips in setting up a successful business. There were some bumps along the way. “
When you’re restoring something that is over 100 years old, it’s
extremely hard to tell what you’re really getting into with certain aspects of it. Some things that you expect to take lots of time and effort will be much easier than expected, and other things that you expect to be a quick fix end up requiring lots m
ore elbow grease than expected,” says their son,


Chris and Kim Drydale are bringing an alternator and starter repair service back to our area with the opening of their new business, “Savannah Auto Electric.” The long anticipated and needed service is located on Main Street across from the HNB Bank. They will open their doors for business on February 20th, 2017.
What jump-started the couple to create this new enterprise? They became aware that a long-time alternator and starter repair business in Savannah had closed, leaving a real void. They felt that they could fill that void. Chris has always been a self-starter and has had a desire to meet a real need in the community by providing a service that is strongly in demand. He believes that owning your own business is probably the hardest work you can do, but is also very rewarding when you achieve your goals and success. Chris says, “We are lucky enough to have highly trained employees in the field who have agreed to work with us to provide this service in Savannah.”
The Drydale’s say that it has been a daunting task to get the new business up and running because of all the paperwork and regulations. They are grateful that Keli Morris, Enterprise Facilitator, and the NWMEF Resource Board, was available to provide expertise and advice about a wide range of items that needed checked off the list before, during and after starting. Keli was able to help and direct them to whatever was needed along the way.
Chris says, “We aim to please our customers and provide them with the best service and product possible. We will continue to be in Savannah as long as the community needs our service.”


Now, at the same location as Kort’s Kuts-n-Kurls, you will find Be-YOU-tiful Nails by Jenna. The new business owner, Jenna Qualls, will offer full acrylic sets, fills, dip, gel and manicures and pedicures. Jenna is eager to build a regular clientele and is confident of success. As a graduate of the Heavilin Beauty College, she knows that she is one of the few in Worth County to offer this service as a trained nail technician.
In describing how her business came about, Jenna says, “My husband and I brainstormed a lot of different ideas and continued to search for things that weren't in our area.  Finally one morning it clicked!  So I jumped right in. I have also always wanted a business in my name.” And now Jenna has made that dream a reality. She looks forward to the flexibility that owning her own business will allow. 
Jenna is renting her booth from Kortnee Blankenship, owner of Kort’s Kuts-n-Kurls, who is also the person who steered Jenna to Keli Morris. Keli is the facilitator for Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, an organization which provides businesses and start-ups with free and confidential business assistance. Jenna says, “Keli has helped me with planning my business celebration and ribbon cutting. Just her explaining what all she can help me with and knowing that I have a resource to call for any business related question was a great relief.”  


Stanberry, MO – Jyssica Rosier is opening a new business in Stanberry, MO called “The Southern Barbie Boutique.” She says, “I am going for a Pinterest-esque, contemporary Southern feel for my boutique. I want to offer hard to find products, while still having items for all body types and personal style preferences.”

The online base of The Southern Barbie Boutique will be out of Jyssica’s home in Stanberry, but the store front location will be inside of Creative Cuts and Tanning in Stanberry, MO on the Square. The address is 116 1st St., Stanberry, MO 64489. Look for the sign located on the North window!

Jyssica is grateful to Keli Morris and the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for helping her in her first entrepreneurial start-up. She says, “Keli and NWMEF have helped me build confidence in my ideas, and have helped me with any hiccups along the way.” She first learned of the nonprofit organization through its annual Winefest fundraiser in Mound City. “I used to live there and the event was always awesome! It was so great to see all of the blossoming businesses and the support for them.” Jyssica says that the ability to start small and work at her own pace is ideal for her. Her words of wisdom for like-minded entrepreneurs: “Don’t be afraid to start small, just start somewhere. The song lyrics, ‘Chase after the dream, not after the money,’ really embodies the Southern Barbie Boutique.”

If you are interested in starting or retaining your own business, Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation (NWMEF) can help. NWMEF is an economic development project which serves six counties including Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway and Worth. Services are offered free and are strictly confidential. NWMEF is a not-for-profit organization. For more information, contact Keli Morris, facilitator, at (816) 262-9400 or The Resource Board is comprised of more than 70 volunteer board members from each county as well as regional representation.


The Blooming Branch Opens in Savannah

Savannah, MO – Bringing a long awaited dream to reality, Owners Kelly Weir and Susan Briner are opening a flower shop in Savannah, Missouri. The services they will offer customers a wide range of possibilities. They will provide arrangements for holiday, wedding or funeral services or any occasion. They will even customize orders to specific needs. The shop will also feature trendy home décor to update your home.

Kelly says, “I had a dream of someday owning my own flower shop business. When my dad, Bill Briner passed away, the opportunity to turn his place of business into my future flower business came about. My good friend/co-worker, Diedra May and I decided to work together to make this possible. I am able to follow in his footsteps, along with Diedra, to make owning my own business possible, right here in Savannah!”

They know the commitment it takes to make a business a success. “The biggest struggle of opening a new business is all the hard work and long hours. Transforming the building which was once a greasy starter/alternator shop into a beautiful flower shop, so far has been the hardest part,” Kelly says.

The owners were pleased that they received assistance from Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris. Kelly says, “A commercial lender connected me to Keli. She was so resourceful in guiding me through the necessary steps for me to open my own business. My lender told me my business plan was one of the best!”

The Blooming Branch, located at 508 South 71 Highway in Savannah, Missouri.



Savage Snow Cones – a Seasonal Fun Family Step-in

Savannah, Mo. – A seasonal summer business will celebrate its opening soon in Savannah, Missouri. When owners, Cheryl & Robert Mitchell began thinking about opportunities for summer fun, it seemed to them that shaved snow cones fit the bill! Cheryl says, “We own two other businesses in the local area, and we love to find new ways to grow our local economy. Opening a seasonal business helps us to work around our other businesses. We would love to grow to other towns to fill a need there for summer fun.”
When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Cheryl could immediately name the struggle. She said, “Undoubtedly, it is finding a balanced approach for time management and family and the needs of the business.” She advises, “When feeling stressed, just take a deep breath and regroup. Know that keeping a healthy balance between family, work and home is of super importance.”
“We have been blessed by the assistance of the Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation with business advice and also helping get the word out on our new venture.” The family says that they moved “blindly” to Savannah in 2014 and with the help of Keli Morris of NWMEF, they opened their first business in 2015. “They stepped in and guided our business in a local capacity, but also with the knowledge base that their members bring to the table,” say the Mitchells. “When I have a stumbling block, I look to NWMEF for guidance,” says Cheryl.


Maryville, MO – Debby Talbott is taking ownership of Maryville Curves, a Maryville business designed for women featuring a 30 minute workout which is fun, fast and safe. She says, “We strengthen and empower women by offering monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. All of our staff are Curves certified and trained coaches that help women on the workout circuit. We correct, compel and celebrate women while they are working out. By offering monthly one-on-one coaching with each member, we help them review and set new goals for the coming month. This helps keep women motivated and accountable to their own health and fitness.”

Debby is especially thankful for such a motivated, lively group of ladies who are faithful members happy to support one another. As the new owner, she is grateful for the support of a wonderful faithful membership. She says, “Curves has been very successful in Maryville for over 20 years; women believe in the program. It is a non-judgmental, accepting environment for all women. Members encourage and support one another. So my goal as the new owner is to continue to offer the same excellent service that I have received since being a member. I have been a member for 8 years now.”

Debby feels blessed to be able to have received assistance from Enterprise Facilitator Keli Morris as she embarked on this journey. She says, “As a retired registered nurse, it was the perfect opportunity that arose while searching for a way to promote my passion for women’s wellness and fitness. Curves changed my life 6 years ago. When you believe in something, you just follow your passion. My goal is to impact the health and fitness of women for disease prevention. Working as a nurse, I learned that lifestyle changes are foremost for optimal health and disease prevention.”


Rock Port, MO. – A new business will celebrate its opening soon in Rock Port, Missouri. When owners, Chris and Amy Shimmel began thinking about business opportunities, they also were thinking about taking the opportunity to control their own future while somehow becoming a blessing to the community. They decided that shaved snow cones fit the bill! The couple says, “It’s a unique summer time treat. It’s made with the highest quality ingredients and ice shaved extremely soft and fluffy. Our flavors taste just like the real thing.”

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, they admit that there have been challenges. But they expected to have some hurdles, and they immediately began taking on each one. “Startup Capital is always difficult but can be overcome. The biggest key is building a strong team. You’re only as good as the team around you. Finding those right people can be difficult, but we are confident of success,” the couple said. They are so confident that they already see the path to the future: “We opened in two cities this year. We are hoping to open in two more next year and see where we go from there.”
The couple connected with “THE Monica Bailey,” with Atchison County Development Corporation who also directed them to Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation. With the help of these mentors, they gained knowledge that they are happy to share with other entrepreneurs. “Have patience. Start small. Be wise, know your numbers, understand your customer. Learn to pivot, learn how to market, and most of all, don’t fear failure.”


Grand Opening of Rick’s Kustom Design, a Two-in-One Opportunity!

Grant City, MO – Capitalizing on his talent for design, Owner Rick Frese is opening a double opportunity in one location in Grant City, Missouri.  The two-in-one business features Kool Kollectibles, which is the half of the store offering a wide variety of antiques and collectibles. The other half is Kustom Design which specializes in vinyl work, screen printing and custom metal work and more.  Here Rick will offer signs, banners, truck lettering, vehicle magnets, decals, wall lettering, mailbox wraps, barn quilts, vehicle wraps, vinyl T shirts transfers and four color screen printing.

Rick says,” I wanted the opportunity to work closer to home.   I was already doing my custom metal works and adding the screen printing and vinyl equipment. It all fell together naturally.  I needed a space to store all my antique and collections so the space on the square in Grant City allowed me to piece it all together and be able to offer the community two new businesses in one location.”

His biggest challenge was that in opening two very different types of businesses, he had to find the balance of giving each the attention it deserved to get up and running.  He says, “I just make a daily priority list and worked those items and then started fresh with a new list the next day.” Rick used the services of Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation to get some marketing advice.


You are Invited to a Celebration for a New Business in Savannah, MO- Body Worx!

Savannah, MO – Cora Jackson is opening a new business in Savannah, MO called “Body Worx.” Cora is unique in that along with owning and operating the business, she brings the expertise of a licensed massage therapist to the business. She says, “Trust you’re in good hands with over 13 years of experience in medical spas, chiropractic offices and instructing massage at the college level. I can customize any massage to fit your needs.” Cora specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Couples, and Hot Stone Massage. With this new business, Cora hopes to positively impact the health of her clients.

Body Worx can also be found on Facebook. A fun fact from its page: Cora is certified in Myoskeletal Alignment! The Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) system brings together the most advanced therapeutic strategies to relieve, and ultimately correct, patterns in the body that lead to pain and deterioration. With MAT therapy, clients can be free from pain, avoiding invasive surgery or toxic pain medications.

Cora is excited to try this new venture as a business owner. She heard from the Savannah Chamber about the availability of business advice from Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation. When asked if using this service was helpful, she said, “TONS! It helped me with the business side of business.”  To other small business owners or anyone thinking about starting their own business, she says, “Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from chasing your dreams!” 


Wagging Tails N Wet Noses – Dog Grooming and Pet Supplies on Savannah’s Square

Savannah, Mo. – A new business in Savannah has opened on the Square. Owners Amber Barker and Kelly Duncan are providing clients with a full servicedog grooming salon and pet supply location.

Amber brings eight years of grooming experience to the venture. She updates her knowledge and experience by keeping up to date with the newest and latest grooming styles and trends by attending grooming seminars and conferences yearly. She has had experience working with hard to handle dogs or dogs who have extreme health issues that most grooming salons turn away.

Kelly has been a CFO for the past 20 years, but has dreamed about having a pet supply store.  Her passion for animals started as a child being raised on a farm. But dogs hold a special place in her heart. She says, “I’ve had a total of 7 dogs in the last 20 years. A couple of them have had illnesses which made me do a little bit of research on the best foods, treats, and even medicines. I want to be able to help my community with issues with their animals, and sometimes it is as simple as changing a food to help with stomach issues, or even allergies. I am constantly learning new things to help my animals and would love the chance to help you with yours.”

Amber and Kelly turned to Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for business advice after the Savannah Chamber alerted them to the availability of the organization’s services. The two say that Keli Morris of NWMEF was able to give them a big boost with their marketing strategies.  They are delighted that after hard work, patience and dedication, they have now been able to establish their business. Amber says, “We're so excited about opening and giving the Savannah residents and those in outlying communities the opportunity to have top notch grooming and pet supplies close to home!”


Savannah, MO – Stacey Wiedmer, MS, a Licensed Professional Counselor, is starting a new business in Savannah, MO called “True Spirit Counseling,” which will provide confidential counseling services for people of all ages. Stacey is an experienced licensed practitioner. She describes herself as having a great passion for helping people become the best version of themselves, using a strengths-based approach. Her service is unique in that she is self-pay only. However her hourly rates are very competitive and she can often provide a receipt to a client’s insurance company for partial reimbursement. She says she ventured out into starting her own business because it is in her blood. She says, “My mom has always owned her own business and she is a great role model. Also I’m at a point in my life where I needed the challenge of building my own practice.” Stacey describes her theoretical orientation as cognitive-behavioral, along with an eclectic approach to therapy depending on the needs of the individual. She is trained in family systems, motivational interviewing, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback and other relaxation techniques. Stacey offers a warm, accepting and positive environment for her clients. She emphasizes the benefits of counseling for all to consider: less anxiety, greater self-confidence, better relationships, regaining emotional balance, increased assertiveness, stress relief, ability to set boundaries, trauma resolution, and more. In starting this new venture as a business owner, Stacey offers these words of wisdom, “Don’t listen to the doubters and the people saying you can’t do it or you shouldn’t take the risk. Believe in yourself.” She heard about the availability of business advice from Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation through Vocational Rehabilitation, and says that it was helpful for marketing ideas.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC a new business with services in Counseling, Life Coaching, Non-medical in-home care, WRAP groups and professional trainings.

Janell Moore, MS, LPC, LMHP owner of Holistic Resolutions, LLC is providing professional services in Counseling, Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA), Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) instructor. Janell is a Licensed Practicing Counselor in Missouri, Licensed Mental Health Practitioner in Nebraska, and a Professional Life Coach. Janell has worked as a professional counselor for over 7 years. Prior to opening her private practice, she has been employed with Peru State College as an adjunct instructor and Licensed Student Counselor. In previous years she employed as a therapist serving the severe and persistent mental illness. Janell states, “over the years I have assisted many families and individuals to help make their lives more fulfilling”. Janell has a BS in Criminal Justice/Administration and MS in Humana Services and Clinical Counseling. Janell has served many individuals that have experienced severe trauma, substance use and mental health symptoms.

Wenona Fischer BS Special Education is contracted with Holistic Resolutions, LLC to provide non-medical in-home care services. Wenona has been serving the mentally challenged and elderly individuals for over 30 years. Wenona has retired from full-time special education teaching in the past couple years, but has continued to work in her passion of assisting the elderly and the mentally challenged.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC currently provides Counseling, Life Coaching, Non-medical in-home care, Wellness groups and professional training. Professional Counseling Services are for individual and family services to those who need assistance in creating a more fulfilling life, process through trauma and grief, develop skills to manage mental health symptoms, process through recovery, maintain wellness and balance, and many more. Counseling services are billable through insurances and are face-to-face either in home or in the office.

Life Coaching is a way for a person to increase their motivation, problem solving, transition to (a new environment, school, career, job and more), to move forward with life goals or develop new ones and how to achieve those goals. Life Coaching is for those who are mostly doing well but find they are looking for a purpose or feel stuck and need to assistance by gaining self-efficacy. Life Coaching is not counseling and only focuses on the future and how to achieve those goals. Life Coaching is private pay and can be over the phone, in office or in home.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC also gives training opportunities in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention training to those who want to have a better understanding how to assist others with mental health issues and how to find professional resources in your community. Holistic Resolutions, LLC also provides Wellness, Recover, Action, Plan (WRAP) training groups for those individuals in recovery from mental health or substance use.

Non-Medical in-home care services are provided with contracting agent Wenona Fischer whom assist individuals in-home to elderly or mentally challenged individuals. These support services give a person the assistance in staying in their home through offering varies of services from general cleaning to someone assisting in meal planning, prepping and preparing and many more.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment contact Janell Moore at (660) 253-0601,, Facebook HolisticResolutions@janellmoorecounseling  or Wenona Fischer at (660) 253-0907.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC mission is to provide professional services that assist individuals and families in building on their strengths, increasing their skills, knowledge, and giving support to increase overall wellness for the mind and the body. “Our lives are full of experiences, it is what we do with those experiences that can make the difference”.


The Eight Point Grill is Firing up for Business Celebration!

Maryville, MO. – A new business is firing up for a business celebration soon in Maryville, Missouri. Owner Michael Beattie is excited about his Eight Point Grill Restaurant. He tells how this fulfillment of a dream came about: “I was attending Northwest and took the summer off.  I’ve wanted to own my own restaurant for a long time and I’ve owned other businesses in the past.  So I decided it would be good to bring something different to Maryville, such as a sit down home cooked meal place.  I wanted to bring fresh good food to my hometown, with an at-home feel, so folks can sit down, socialize, put phones down and enjoy.”

Michael shares that his dad had a great influence on his decision to open his own restaurant: “He had two different restaurants in Maryville, while I was growing up. I have lots of memories from being in his restaurants,  Starvin’ Marvin’s five mile restaurant and then the Little Chef.” 

The Eight Point Grill will offer home style cooking, non -processed type foods, and fresh local farm beef. The owner will have a revolving menu and will offer daily specials and frequent promotions. Michael says, “I am excited to be able to offer a variety of foods including barbeque.  The steak or chicken philly sandwich is amazing as well.”

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Michael admits that there have been some “stop-n-go” hurdles. He says, “Contractors in Maryville are very busy so it was hard to find available contractors in the time frame I needed.  Getting all the licensing and things in order for the business was also time-consuming and challenging.”  Michael advises other entrepreneurs to take an honest look at their budgets.  “There will be lots of hidden things that you don’t even think about that will come up.”

Michael was grateful for the help he received from Josh McKim, of the Nodaway County Economic Development Office and Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the help they gave in supporting his business creation.

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation along with the Maryville Chamber of Commerce is hosting a business celebration and ribbon cutting to welcome Eight Point Grill to the community on day, 8th 2018 at 11 a.m. Eight Point Grill is located at 523 North Main Street, Maryville, Missouri.


Prairie Specialties, LLC – a little country store near King City

King City, MO. – A new business has opened near King City, MO, Prairie Specialties, LLC.  Tim and Janet Morey are pleased to offer a little country store selling Amish bulk foods, fresh meats and cheeses from their deli counter along with gift items. 

Tim and Janet Morey are excited to see their dream become a reality.  “This dream has been in the works for about seven years,” Janet said.  She continues by saying “it has been worth all of the effort we have put into it.”  They have selected the finest products to offer in bulk foods.  You will find anything from flour to rice, dry pasta, seasonings and candies and more.  They will also have fresh ham, turkey, roast beef and a variety of cheeses.  Some of cheese selections have already been a big hit! 

When asked what makes their business unique to others in the industry Tim stated, “The farmers have enjoyed having us out here when they are in the field.  They can call ahead and we can make up sandwiches to go.”  “We’ll have chips and drinks available as well so you can stop by and get lunch,” Tim adds. “There isn’t anywhere within a 25 mile radius where you can get fresh deli meat and cheese sliced to order,” Janet stated.

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Janet said, “Construction and remodeling took much longer than we anticipated.”  She offers her words of wisdom to other small business owners out there, “Just stick with it.  It will probably take longer than you think to get things up and going.”

Looking to the future, Janet said, “We are hoping to expand our current building with the first 5 years and planned for that with our initial construction.  We have three children and ten grandchildren and hope to have a family business that carries a great product to our customers.  We hope to make a fair profit doing so, and by the grace of God, touch some lives, make some new friends and share this heritage with our family.”    

Tim and Janet were grateful to Keli Morris, of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the help she gave in supporting their business creation.  “Keli helped us get the actual business set up, assisting us with paperwork we needed to file.  She has met with us numerous times and has answered questions that we’ve had along the way.”


We are assisting MWSU Craig School of Business and the Savannah Chamber of Commerce with the business celebration of Cardinal Country Bakery, owner, Gina Nielsen  401 W Main St Savannah MO.  All we need is a certificate and a post card invite.  The celebration is next Wednesday, November 14th at 11 am.


Business Celebration for Envy Apparel, a Unique Boutique in Maryville, MO

Maryville, MO – Realizing a long awaited dream, Owner Cheyann Marrison has opened a new storefront in Maryville.  Cheyann says, “Envy Apparel is the first boutique around carrying women’s apparel and tactical gear. This will be the place men will actually want to join their wives on their shopping trip. Plus it is the only tactical store around for our military, law enforcement, and EMS personnel.

Cheyann once thought her dream of becoming an entrepreneur was far-fetched. Last June she decided for fun to create a facebook page to sell items, and to her astonishment, she soon had 4100 members. She says, “All of a sudden my dream didn't seem so far-fetched after all, so I just went for it.”

This new business owner has high hopes for the future. “In the next 5 years I hope to be the “go to store” for tactical gear rather than having all of our emergency personnel, law enforcement, and military drive up to 2 hours away to get the apparel they need or want. I also hope to be known for the shop ladies can find trendy items at a reasonable price, so spoiling themselves won't be something to feel guilty about later.”

Words of wisdom she would share with others who set out as entrepreneurs are “Don't be too scared to make it reality. I'm still terrified, but it's supposed to be scary. If you don't open yourself up to the possibility of failure, you aren't opening yourself up to the chance of success either.”

The Maryville Chamber told Cheyann about Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation and recommended that she try their services. “Keli walked me through setting up my LLC and getting all of the permits needed to get started. She also helped make sure I was on the right track with my business plan,” she says. Now she is looking forward to the business celebration and future customers.


Blue Water Sales & Antiques, a new antique store in Mound City

Mound City, MO – Vicki Yates has opened a new business in Mound City, MO called “Blue Water Sales and Antiques.” She says, “My husband, Ridge, and I are both retired, but I wasn’t done yet.”  They already had a love of antiques and decided that Vicki would open a business to share their passion of antiques with others. 

Vicki is excited to bring quality antiques, gifts, furniture, jewelry and more to her store.  Vicki said, “I won’t have any reproductions, only authentic antiques.”  Vicki describes her store as having a little funky flare to it.  “It’s not your average antique store,” she says.  You’ll just have to stop in and see for yourself.  You will find a wide array of antique pieces that would be great to add to your home.”

When asked how she envisions her business in the future, Vicki responded, “I hope that our store becomes an asset to the town.”  They would love to see business from local and regional clients.  Vicki added, “Our hope is that it will spring up additional stores in our town.” 

Vicki used the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris to help with setting up the business, marketing and financial planning.  Vicki was connected to her through Joe Laukemper.  Vicki stated, “Joe did us a big favor by introducing us to Keli.  We couldn’t have done this without her help!”


Stanberry, MO – Kelly Ann Wilmes is opening a new business in Stanberry, MO called “W5 Accounting, LLC.” She says, “The two main reasons for wanting to start my own business is to provide a wide array of accounting services at reasonable rates, while still having the flexibility I need for my family.”  Kelly has 23 years of public accounting experience.  Some of the services Kelly will provide are Business and Individual Taxes, Monthly Accounting Services, Payroll, and QuickBooks Consulting.

Kelly is excited about the software she is using.  “About my QuickBooks ProAdvisor,” she says, “QuickBooks is a streamlined accounting software.  By being a ProAdvisor, I have the tools and training needed to get the most out of the software.  I am able to help in all areas including setup, training, payroll and consulting.  If QB is being used correctly, it is definitely a great asset to your business.”

What does she like most about accounting? “I would have to say problem solving.”  She adds, “I also love the way it all ties together from checks and balances, to reconciling, to summarizing it all in to comprehensive reporting.  The fundamentals of the way it all flows together and balances is pretty intriguing.”

Another aspect of her business is helping those in the rural community.  Kelly says, “I definitely enjoy working with small businesses as well as getting small businesses up and going.  This includes filing the appropriate state forms, filing for an LLC or preparing and S Election, setting up payroll, setting up and an accounting system correctly that will prepare accurate financial reports.” 

Kelly used the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris to get ideas on how to proceed with advertising and building her client base. She was connected to this great resource through Tara Wilmes.