This program is targeted to help any person who aspires to create or expand a business in one of six Northwest Missouri counties: Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway or Worth.

The NWMEF board provides an Enterprise Facilitator who gives intensive, one-on-one assistance to the entrepreneur, educating him or her in the “Trinity of Management”, a concept that teaches each entrepreneur how to put a successful business and a business team into place. The Facilitator tests the personal motivation and skill of the client and develops the client's capacity to assess his/her own management strengths and weaknesses.

Besides using the intelligence and resources of the community-wide Board, the Facilitator also links clients to programs and resources offered by economic development organizations and professionals. The service is free and confidential to any local individual with an idea for starting or expanding a business.

Timber Ridge Event Center
This unique event venue will provide an authentic rustic setting
for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate events, graduation parties, family reunions, or any special event. The Wilts have fully restored a 100 year old hay barn which doesn’t mimic “rustic”, but embodies it. The Wilts say, “Our family has always had a creative vision and a passion for filling a need within our community. We realized there was a need for a new, beautiful wedding venue from many conversations with family and friends. After realizing this, we decided that we had enough
will power and determination to put together something truly wonderful.”
The Wilts used the services of Keli Morris, Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitator, as they embarked on this business journey. The Wilts were happy that she could provide direction on
how to apply for the needed licenses and give tips in setting up a successful business. There were some bumps along the way. “
When you’re restoring something that is over 100 years old, it’s
extremely hard to tell what you’re really getting into with certain aspects of it. Some things that you expect to take lots of time and effort will be much easier than expected, and other things that you expect to be a quick fix end up requiring lots m
ore elbow grease than expected,” says their son,


Chris and Kim Drydale are bringing an alternator and starter repair service back to our area with the opening of their new business, “Savannah Auto Electric.” The long anticipated and needed service is located on Main Street across from the HNB Bank. They will open their doors for business on February 20th, 2017.
What jump-started the couple to create this new enterprise? They became aware that a long-time alternator and starter repair business in Savannah had closed, leaving a real void. They felt that they could fill that void. Chris has always been a self-starter and has had a desire to meet a real need in the community by providing a service that is strongly in demand. He believes that owning your own business is probably the hardest work you can do, but is also very rewarding when you achieve your goals and success. Chris says, “We are lucky enough to have highly trained employees in the field who have agreed to work with us to provide this service in Savannah.”
The Drydale’s say that it has been a daunting task to get the new business up and running because of all the paperwork and regulations. They are grateful that Keli Morris, Enterprise Facilitator, and the NWMEF Resource Board, was available to provide expertise and advice about a wide range of items that needed checked off the list before, during and after starting. Keli was able to help and direct them to whatever was needed along the way.
Chris says, “We aim to please our customers and provide them with the best service and product possible. We will continue to be in Savannah as long as the community needs our service.”


Now, at the same location as Kort’s Kuts-n-Kurls, you will find Be-YOU-tiful Nails by Jenna. The new business owner, Jenna Qualls, will offer full acrylic sets, fills, dip, gel and manicures and pedicures. Jenna is eager to build a regular clientele and is confident of success. As a graduate of the Heavilin Beauty College, she knows that she is one of the few in Worth County to offer this service as a trained nail technician.
In describing how her business came about, Jenna says, “My husband and I brainstormed a lot of different ideas and continued to search for things that weren't in our area.  Finally one morning it clicked!  So I jumped right in. I have also always wanted a business in my name.” And now Jenna has made that dream a reality. She looks forward to the flexibility that owning her own business will allow. 
Jenna is renting her booth from Kortnee Blankenship, owner of Kort’s Kuts-n-Kurls, who is also the person who steered Jenna to Keli Morris. Keli is the facilitator for Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, an organization which provides businesses and start-ups with free and confidential business assistance. Jenna says, “Keli has helped me with planning my business celebration and ribbon cutting. Just her explaining what all she can help me with and knowing that I have a resource to call for any business related question was a great relief.”  


Stanberry, MO – Jyssica Rosier is opening a new business in Stanberry, MO called “The Southern Barbie Boutique.” She says, “I am going for a Pinterest-esque, contemporary Southern feel for my boutique. I want to offer hard to find products, while still having items for all body types and personal style preferences.”

The online base of The Southern Barbie Boutique will be out of Jyssica’s home in Stanberry, but the store front location will be inside of Creative Cuts and Tanning in Stanberry, MO on the Square. The address is 116 1st St., Stanberry, MO 64489. Look for the sign located on the North window!

Jyssica is grateful to Keli Morris and the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for helping her in her first entrepreneurial start-up. She says, “Keli and NWMEF have helped me build confidence in my ideas, and have helped me with any hiccups along the way.” She first learned of the nonprofit organization through its annual Winefest fundraiser in Mound City. “I used to live there and the event was always awesome! It was so great to see all of the blossoming businesses and the support for them.” Jyssica says that the ability to start small and work at her own pace is ideal for her. Her words of wisdom for like-minded entrepreneurs: “Don’t be afraid to start small, just start somewhere. The song lyrics, ‘Chase after the dream, not after the money,’ really embodies the Southern Barbie Boutique.”

If you are interested in starting or retaining your own business, Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation (NWMEF) can help. NWMEF is an economic development project which serves six counties including Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway and Worth. Services are offered free and are strictly confidential. NWMEF is a not-for-profit organization. For more information, contact Keli Morris, facilitator, at (816) 262-9400 or The Resource Board is comprised of more than 70 volunteer board members from each county as well as regional representation.


The Blooming Branch Opens in Savannah

Savannah, MO – Bringing a long awaited dream to reality, Owners Kelly Weir and Susan Briner are opening a flower shop in Savannah, Missouri. The services they will offer customers a wide range of possibilities. They will provide arrangements for holiday, wedding or funeral services or any occasion. They will even customize orders to specific needs. The shop will also feature trendy home décor to update your home.

Kelly says, “I had a dream of someday owning my own flower shop business. When my dad, Bill Briner passed away, the opportunity to turn his place of business into my future flower business came about. My good friend/co-worker, Diedra May and I decided to work together to make this possible. I am able to follow in his footsteps, along with Diedra, to make owning my own business possible, right here in Savannah!”

They know the commitment it takes to make a business a success. “The biggest struggle of opening a new business is all the hard work and long hours. Transforming the building which was once a greasy starter/alternator shop into a beautiful flower shop, so far has been the hardest part,” Kelly says.

The owners were pleased that they received assistance from Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris. Kelly says, “A commercial lender connected me to Keli. She was so resourceful in guiding me through the necessary steps for me to open my own business. My lender told me my business plan was one of the best!”

The Blooming Branch, located at 508 South 71 Highway in Savannah, Missouri.