Fantastic Fido’s Comes to Maryville!

Maryville, MO – Alyson Fisher, owner of Fantastic Fido’s in St. Joseph, is expanding the business to Maryville. It will be located 220 N Main, Maryville. Services will include Grooming, Training, Retail and Boarding Shuttle Service. Alyson is excited about the expansion and looks forward to serving clients in the Maryville area.

Detailing her entrepreneurial journey, Alyson says, “I started my own pillow making business when I was seven years old.  I sold my pillows in my grandma’s retail shop and the joy of making money from my pillows was so exciting. Decades later, when I was volunteering in shelters and heavily involved with my own dogs, I saw an opportunity to marry my passion for dogs with my skills as a business manager and I’ve never looked back.  I’m proud of the community we have built at Fantastic Fido’s of dog loving employees and clients—I’m so proud to be at a point that we can expand our services to new areas.” 

Alyson acknowledges that opening a business, especially a dog business, is not for the faint of heart. 

It has taken hard work, perseverance, and a good team.  She shares, “Whether you are a sole proprietor or a business with many employees it is important to surround yourself with resources that help you along the way.  I am happy to have a team of people who work hard, trust each other, and trust me as the leader of the company.” Ms. Fisher says that Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris was a help. “She has been fantastic to work with while expanding our business to the Maryville market.  I so appreciate having this resource in our area. Stephanie Campbell, the owner of Blue Willow Boutique, in Maryville, has been instrumental in connecting us to the right resources in the community as well.”

Alyson wants potential customers to understand that “To me, there is no greater joy to see our staff of employees getting to do what they love and our customers knowing their dogs are cared for like our own. We are unique in our ability to form relationships with not only our clients but their dogs as well.  We know most of them by name, and, for some, we see their dogs as much if not more than the owners do.”

The Maryville Chamber of Commerce and NWMEF will host a business celebration for “Fantastic Fido’s” on Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, at 10:00 A.M. at 220 N Main St, Maryville, MO 64468. The public is invited to attend. 

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