A&M Amusements – Unique Entertainments for Northwest Missouri

Maryville, MO.

Pursuing a long-held dream has brought Adam and Ashley Marriott to open A&M Amusements in Maryville, MO, in addition to their already established business “Snowie”.  Adam says he was primed to become an entrepreneur since childhood.  He says, “It has been in me since I was old enough to push-mow a yard or wash dishes. The idea of owning and operating my own business has always been my calling.”

Adam and Ashley want their customers to know that A&M Amusements is unique because while anyone can purchase and rent out commercial inflatables, they separate themselves from the crowd by providing great customer service. They are on time and their units are clean and safe. A&M Amusements also partners with groups and organizations in the communities they service to provide family fun and entertainment. The mission statement for A&M Amusements is crystal clear about its purpose. Its aim is to put: “A bounce in every step, smile on every face, and joy in every heart.”

Adam says that he has a multifaceted plan of expansion and new business start-ups.  “A&M Amusements and Snowie are just the start. I would say in 5 years there will be more business names to add to the list along with some very aggressive expansion into other areas. I can’t let the cat out of the bag with the 10 year plan just yet, but I can guarantee you it will be about families having fun together. As far as 20 years down the road, I hope I can slow down enough to enjoy watching my boys run the businesses I started for them and for them to be successful at doing so.”

Adam and Ashley used the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation to give their business idea a boost.  Adam says, “I happened upon NWMEF while taking my wife out on a date to their Winefest fundraiser. We had been kicking around the idea of starting a business for a couple months before. I saw the sign for business coaching and I decided to call. Keli guided me to resources that are now important parts of my life. I was so impressed by what I was able to accomplish with NWMEF’s help, that I decided to join the board myself.”

A&M Amusements will have a spectacular Grand Opening on May 11 with an all day event from 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM at Donaldson West Side Park in Maryville, MO.  Northwest Missouri Enterprise and the Maryville Chamber of Commerce will host a business celebration for A&M Amusements there in the park at 11:00 A.M.