Small Town Coffee Shop with BIG Time Taste and Style

Maryville, MO –  Mindy Hunziger has opened a new business within her existing business in Maryville, MO.  Mindy opened her first business Guys and Dolls Hair Studio in 2007.  She has been at her present location for four years at 106 ½ S Main Street. In 2018 she had an idea to bring something new to the studio.  Mindy stated, “I believe I am making history and paving a new way for small business people to be creative and combine multiple passions in a shared space, right here in northwest Missouri.”  On March 16, 2019 Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation hosted a Business Celebration for The Broken Mug Coffee Shop, the new business inside Guys and Dolls Hair Studio. 

“The event was a huge success with approximately 300 people coming throughout the Grand Opening event.”  Mindy told us.  There were live music performances, great coffee and conversation and a few drawings mixed in.  “Another great draw was local artisans that had set up their artwork and creations,” Mindy said. “Having a space for local artisans to sell their creations will be a part of my business model.”

Mindy also said, “We are the FIRST ever in the state of Missouri to combine a full service coffee shop within an existing hair salon.”  While devising her plan, Mindy reached out to Keli Morris, Facilitator with Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation to review her idea and to go through the budgeted numbers, as well as talk through marketing ideas for the new coffee shop.

Mindy emphasized, “If you’re not a coffee fan, it’s not a problem.  We have many non-coffee options offered along with freshly baked goods.”  She encourages everyone to support small town dreams in a big corporate world! 

The Broken Mug Coffee Shop is located inside of Guys and Dolls Hair Studio at 106 ½ Main St, Maryville, Missouri. Check out their cute YouTube video and facebook site.