The NWMEF Business Program

This program is targeted to help any person who aspires to create or expand a business in one of six Northwest Missouri counties: Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway or Worth.

The NWMEF board provides an Enterprise Facilitator who gives intensive, one-on-one assistance to the entrepreneur, educating him or her in the “Trinity of Management”, a concept that teaches each entrepreneur how to put a successful business and a business team into place. The Facilitator tests the personal motivation and skill of the client and develops the client’s capacity to assess his/her own management strengths and weaknesses.

Besides using the intelligence and resources of the community-wide Board, the Facilitator also links clients to programs and resources offered by economic development organizations and professionals. The service is free and confidential to any local individual with an idea for starting or expanding a business.

Announcing a New Eatery with a Catchy Name: Toad Hollar Bar & Grill

Mound City, MO –

Nathan Livengood and Jason Finney have opened a restaurant, the Toad Hollar Bar & Grill in Mound City. In addition they will be offering Conference rooms for rent and catering services in-house. They say that what makes them unique is that they make all their food from scratch, with no preservatives or additives. “Our biscuits, hamburger buns, hoagie rolls, dinner rolls and loaves of wheat and white bread are all made from the simplest of ingredients, starting with flour, eggs and sugar. We also make our salad dressings from scratch, so few name brands will be found in our facility,” says Nathan.

The entrepreneurial venture started with Nathan getting time off from his job at a factory due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Since times were uncertain, and time at home was plentiful, he planted a garden and added a chicken coop to the barn. For Jason, the greenhouse at which he worked was cutting hours because the planting season was coming to a close, so he was looking for a job. They started selling produce from the garden at local farmers’ markets and preserving jams and jelly to sell to those who attended. Popularity for the jam and jellies grew until it outgrew the “Cottage Law” which led the two to search for a certified kitchen. “While we are still unable to sell our preserved jams and jellies to customers, we ended up opening a restaurant featuring these items on some of our menu items. Being our own bosses and building our business outside of a corporate setting set well with us. Also the enjoyment of providing people with a product that they come back for gives us pride in what we do”, says Nathan.

“The biggest struggle we have faced at this point is guessing how many people we can plan on visiting our restaurant on any given day and how much food to prepare to limit waste and labor cost,” says Nathan. The entrepreneurs are working through the steps successfully and looking forward to the future. They plan to grow the business by getting more involved with the community and planning activities that will encourage community togetherness. They will be holding volleyball, cornhole and horseshoe tournaments on the premises. Nathan encourages other entrepreneurs with these words: “Be aware of risk, but don’t let it defeat you before getting started. Every adventure may have risk involved but having a back-up plan to offset that risk and understanding the aspects of that risk fully will give you the ability to plan for the unexpected. Furthermore, enjoy what you are doing and what you are selling. You are more likely to work harder when you enjoy what you do.”

Nathan and Jason heard about Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation services through one of the organization’s board members that owns the lease to the building where they are tenants. They say that they used the Enterprise Facilitator, Keli Morris to help guide them in an industry they knew little about in terms of the “details” and legalities. “While we were able to cook up a storm in the kitchen, the business portion in terms of licenses, agreements, taxation and overall laws and rules of running a business that serves food to the public was very new to us. NWMEF has given us the guidelines and guidance to complete forms, applications and others documentation necessary to be successful in what we do”, says Nathan.

New Business Provides Family Health Care in Maryville

Maryville, MO –

A business celebration will be held at the new office of Mullock Health Care at 2332 S Main. The public is invited to meet Dr. Dallas Mullock, who has started a private practice medical clinic specializing in Family medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine.
Dr. Mullock notes, “Mullock Health Care offers a variety of services that many family practice physicians don’t perform, allowing us to provide our patients the convenience without having to go to multiple providers. Examples are: trigger point and ultrasound-guided joint injections, laceration repairs, ingrown or toenail trimming/removal, skin biopsies, abscess incision and drainage, and Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, EGDs and colonoscopies.”
The doctor already had the idea of being an entrepreneur in high school as a participant with Future Business Leaders of America. He continued with the business courses and experiences in college and adult life prior to medical school. His biggest struggle with opening this business had to do with timing. He says, “COVID-19! When I set out to start a medical practice, I never imagined a pandemic would occur just as I opened our doors. With healthcare across the country struggling to get PPE and medical supplies last spring, being a new business put us as low priority in getting basic supplies. Additionally, we have had to rely on a lot of word of mouth and traditional advertising to get our business name to the public as so many in-person events were cancelled.
Dr. Mullock persevered through it all and encourages other entrepreneurs to understand that the key to success is to take time for planning. He says, “It benefits the business to do your research and business planning which helped me get off with the right foot. Don’t get discouraged with small setbacks even if it costs extra time.” The doctor heard about the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation through the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments. He credits Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for their help in providing business plan feedback, resources and contacts, and marketing strategies.

Tuck Point Bar and Grill is having a Business Celebration!

Ravenwood, MO –

Ryan and Megan Cordell have recently purchased Tuck Point Bar and Grill in Ravenwood, MO.  Tuck Point was founded by Megan’s brother and sister-in-law, Colby and Megan Wiederholt, in 2019.  Megan Cordell stated: “When I found out that they wanted to sell the restaurant, we all wanted to keep it in the family and thought it would be an exciting adventure for my family!”  The restaurant is located at 101 South Main Street, Ravenwood, MO.  “We offer great food and a fun atmosphere for the community says, Ryan.”

Talking about a family adventure, Ryan and Megan are learning everything there is to know about the restaurant business in general!  Ryan is a farmer and seed dealer and Megan’s career has been a nurse since 2009.  They are both excited about expanding into a whole new world and carrying on a well-established business for the community and region.

Megan envisions the business to grow over the next 5 years.  They will make changes to the menu and hours as time goes on.  They also would love to host more events throughout the year.  Megan gave a sneak peek to the future, “we would LOVE to have an outside patio area in the future.”  When asked what advice she would give to other entrepreneurs, Megan suggests “Educate yourself on the business, be open to changes throughout the years to keep your business thriving and  always be prepared for the unexpected.” 

The Cordells learned about Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation from Colby and Megan Wiederholt and were appreciative of the assistance they received from Keli Morris, Facilitator, with helping get the restaurant going by providing helpful information and resources they needed. 

Fantastic Fido’s Comes to Maryville!

Maryville, MO – Alyson Fisher, owner of Fantastic Fido’s in St. Joseph, is expanding the business to Maryville. It will be located 220 N Main, Maryville. Services will include Grooming, Training, Retail and Boarding Shuttle Service. Alyson is excited about the expansion and looks forward to serving clients in the Maryville area.

Detailing her entrepreneurial journey, Alyson says, “I started my own pillow making business when I was seven years old.  I sold my pillows in my grandma’s retail shop and the joy of making money from my pillows was so exciting. Decades later, when I was volunteering in shelters and heavily involved with my own dogs, I saw an opportunity to marry my passion for dogs with my skills as a business manager and I’ve never looked back.  I’m proud of the community we have built at Fantastic Fido’s of dog loving employees and clients—I’m so proud to be at a point that we can expand our services to new areas.”

Alyson acknowledges that opening a business, especially a dog business, is not for the faint of heart.

It has taken hard work, perseverance, and a good team.  She shares, “Whether you are a sole proprietor or a business with many employees it is important to surround yourself with resources that help you along the way.  I am happy to have a team of people who work hard, trust each other, and trust me as the leader of the company.” Ms. Fisher says that Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris was a help. “She has been fantastic to work with while expanding our business to the Maryville market.  I so appreciate having this resource in our area. Stephanie Campbell, the owner of Blue Willow Boutique, in Maryville, has been instrumental in connecting us to the right resources in the community as well.”

Alyson wants potential customers to understand that “To me, there is no greater joy to see our staff of employees getting to do what they love and our customers knowing their dogs are cared for like our own. We are unique in our ability to form relationships with not only our clients but their dogs as well.  We know most of them by name, and, for some, we see their dogs as much if not more than the owners do.”

We’re Sew Crazy! – Custom Quilting, Fab Fabrics, Notions, Classes and More!

Savannah, MO –

Pat Chatman and Lynne Miller have opened a custom quilting shop in Savannah called We’re Sew Crazy! This business was a dream that the two had talked about and joked about until they finally decided that it was the right time to take the plunge into this entrepreneurial adventure.

In addition to the custom quilting, the shop has more to offer: fabulous fabrics, notions and patterns. The two will also offer classes, “sew-ins” and hopes in future to give “sewing retreats.”

This venture has not been without some challenges, such as shipping problems and obtaining other pre-requisites of starting a small business. But the two entrepreneurs have prevailed. They say, “It has taken patience. But as hard as it has been at times, and frustrating, we are confident that it is coming together and will be worth it at the end.”

Both women give credit to Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for help in getting their business up and running. They heard about NWMEF’s free and confidential business service at the courthouse and are pleased that Keli was able to introduce them to needed contacts and guide them through the steps to get them where they are now.

New Counseling Practice to Open

Maryville, MO

A new mental health counseling practice is opening in Maryville that will serve the entire northwest Missouri region and beyond. Janet Luzmoor Counseling, LLC, will provide professional counseling services to adults and couples, offering in-person sessions at the office in Maryville, and throughout the state via telehealth.

Janet, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), reported being excited about the new venture and the opportunity to provide this service, while fulfilling a longtime dream of having a private practice. She says, “It is especially important right now to seek help for mental health symptoms that have intensified for so many people due to the pandemic. We are seeing an increase in depression and anxiety in the general population, not just those with a history of mental health concerns. I look forward to meeting the growing need in our communities.”

Education and experience are assets that Janet brings to her practice. She received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from NWMSU in 1994, and she holds two master’s degrees. Janet graduated from Rockhurst University in 2009 with a Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders, and from University of St. Mary in 2015 with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She holds a wide variety of life experiences and has worked for the past six years in community mental health, giving her a valuable combination of skills for the profession.

Janet is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and she utilizes numerous therapeutic techniques to treat a wide range of issues. She enjoys relational counseling using primarily integrated approaches, but is trained in multiple interventions. She added, “I tailor individualized treatment based on client needs and preferences, and I look forward to serving all populations with caring and respect.”

Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation (NWMEF) has been an asset for Janet in the process of opening her practice. Janet noted, “Starting a business has been much easier with Keli’s help and the assistance of the professionals she recommended. She had an answer for every question I had throughout the entire process.”

In her free time, Janet enjoys being with family and friends, travelling, and flower gardening.

Maryville, MO –

Tara Myers, owner of the Simply Posh Boutique, will be featuring women’s clothing, shoes and accessories at the business on 2206 S. Main Street. She will be running the business with her daughters. Tara is excited to offer a fun alternative to big box stores. She says, “Our products are unique in this area because we will offer exclusive brands that can’t be purchased elsewhere. We have competitive prices as well as a loyalty program that keeps our customers engaged and coming back time and time again. We are also in a small community where loyalty runs deep. The nearest big box shopping is 45 minutes away and so from last minute outfit changes to just getting in some retail therapy many women come to us!”

Tara was inspired to become an entrepreneur because she wanted to establish a business in which her family could get involved. “Owning your own business is a lot of hard work and to be successful takes time and energy. We have six daughters and I wanted a business that would inspire and encourage them to not only work the business with me but also be able to spend more time with them while we grow our business. A boutique was a great way to do that because who doesn’t love clothes!” But at the same time this entrepreneur is realistic – she admits her biggest struggle will be to figure out how to balance the home/work schedule.

Tara credits Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris for putting her in touch with a finance option and giving her business advice. “It also helps to simply have someone in your corner to help point you in the right direction.” 

The new owner’s goals for the boutique in the next years are ambitious. “We want to grow the store in the next 5 years and hopefully move into a bigger location as well as expanding the lines and sizes available.” For others who might also aspire to starting a new business, she gives this advice: “Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help from other business owners and most importantly, don’t be afraid to take a chance you believe in.”    

King City, MO –

The Rusty Coffee Pot is a shop featuring both hot and cold coffees, lattes, frappes, and expressos, along with smoothies. In addition the shop features antiques, repurposed furniture, jewelry, boutique clothing and t-shirts. Owners Steve and Dana Sansone are proud of what they have to offer. They say, “There are no other coffee shops around that offer shopping with something for everyone. Folks can come in and just browse. We have specialty coffee at affordable prices. You can come here and customize your favorite hot or cold coffee drink to your own tastes.”

Deciding to become entrepreneurs was a process. Steve says, “Dana and I have always personally critiqued vendors at flea markets and antique malls. We have collected items over the past 18 years and thought it would be cool to set up for flea markets. When the opportunity to purchase the storefront came available, we thought about it and decided to open up a coffee shop that also sold all the other items.”

Along the way they have met every challenge and formed a plan that they believe will reach success.  “We had to learn business skills on the fly. We weren’t sure how much product to order. Our understanding grew: how to recognize antiques and the price and value of the other items sold in our shop.” Now they are trying to envision their business in the next 5 to 10 years. “We hope to have the second floor of our building open in less than five years to expand our items and perhaps have more vendors. Hopefully after five years we will have a great following of regulars and outsiders and continue our great service and relaxing atmosphere.”

The couple heard about the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, a free and confidential business coaching service, from Kelly Wilmes and Melissa Miller. They called upon Keli Morris, the NWMEF Facilitator for guidance. Steve says, “Keli Morris has helped and is still helping us think of business aspects we might not have thought of. She has also helped with organization and advertising so far. We cannot wait to continue to learn from her.The Grand Opening for the Rusty Coffee Pot was September 18. Steve and Dana want to thank all who attended and all who have continued to patronize their venture. They say, “We have been just amazed at the outpouring of support from our King City community and those who have followed us on social media. I believe that the timing on the back side of the pandemic has helped as people WANT to get back out and socialize and mingle with each other. We are truly blessed.”

Maryville, MO

Alexis Honan, is the owner of a new business in Tarkio. Having lived outside the area for almost 20 years, she is delighted to be “at home” again in NWMO and to offer her hair salon services at her new business, the Golden Salon and Boutique. The business is located inside of Cut Ups Family Hair care owned by Julie Barnett. Alexis say, “Julie invited me into her salon space to make it my new salon home. We are located on 419 Main in Tarkio MO.

What clients can expect when they contact Golden Salon and Boutique is personalized service. Alexis says, “I love to get an idea of what you are wanting servicewise. This allows me to give us the right amount of time needed. I will typically ask you to text or pm me pictures for inspiration. This allows me to be on the same page as far as what you are expecting or wanting for your end result. When you come in for your visit I will do a consultation and assess what steps we need to take to get you to your desired look. I will then give you a price quote before we get started, and if all sounds great we will proceed.”

Alexis has a broad experience in the salon industry, having worked almost 20 years from the technical to the business side of it. She says, “I have been blessed to work in salons that have always been about the guest’s experience. My goal is always to give an experience that you walk away from feeling “golden”. I want to spread the light and love that has come into my life. That is partly where the name Golden Salon and Boutique came from.

Asked about her entrepreneurial journey, Alexis said, “If I could give any advice at all to anyone starting a business it’s to not be afraid to make phone calls and ask for help. I would also say pray on it. I truly believe when you are on the path meant for you that things just fall into place in the most mysterious ways. Monica Bailey reached out and set up a meeting with Keli Morris. I am so grateful to have met both of these amazing women. Keli has facilitated my ribbon cutting. I am so excited to celebrate the opening of my new business. But none of this would be possible without Julie Barnett and all of my family’s and friends’ support. A big thank you to everyone that has been with me on this journey. Thank you to the town of Tarkio for all the love and support.

Special Anniversaries

Businesses Longer Than 5 Years
Inspirations Dance Center (Savannah) - 10 Years
Emery Convenience and Service - 10 Years
Minnie Lane - 5 Years