This program is targeted to help any person who aspires to create or expand a business in one of six Northwest Missouri counties: Andrew, Atchison, Gentry, Holt, Nodaway or Worth.

The NWMEF board provides an Enterprise Facilitator who gives intensive, one-on-one assistance to the entrepreneur, educating him or her in the “Trinity of Management”, a concept that teaches each entrepreneur how to put a successful business and a business team into place. The Facilitator tests the personal motivation and skill of the client and develops the client's capacity to assess his/her own management strengths and weaknesses.

Besides using the intelligence and resources of the community-wide Board, the Facilitator also links clients to programs and resources offered by economic development organizations and professionals. The service is free and confidential to any local individual with an idea for starting or expanding a business.

Barnard Processing

Barnard, MO - Steve and Kim Wells from King City, MO are the owners of Barnard Processing in Barnard, Missouri, and they have exciting news to share. They will be soon celebrating the opening of their business – a USDA inspected slaughter/processing facility which will accommodate not only individuals but companies. Steve and Kim Wells have been involved in locally sourced meats for years. Now they will be able to provide the missing “processing” piece. From her site Locally Sourced Meats on Facebook, Kim says, “As one of your local farmers, we have worked for the last 20 years bringing our meat and that of our neighbors to the city! It isn't over yet! Our new facility Barnard Processing will be open very soon and it will be an even better supply. This is so big right now, especially with the issues that are happening in the large processors in our nation shutting down. Small local facilities is where the safety is at and we are ready to meet this challenge with you.”

Steve and Kim believe that having a great connection to the regional community and providing a much needed service to the region is what makes their business unique. They say that they have long dreamed to bring more value by owning and operating a processing facility. Their biggest struggle has been tackling all the regulations and completing all the paperwork, but it has also been an arduous wait to receive confirmation that all is in order and they are ready to roll.

A word of wisdom for other entrepreneurs starting out with such a venture: “Plan to take twice as long as you expected to get up and running.” They first heard of NWMEF in the Missouri Ruralist about 14 years ago, and have used NWMEF services off and on for that many years.  “It has been a fabulous resource for me as I have worked on different business ventures and ideas over the years”, reports Kim.

But it seems true that it takes a whole region to support and encourage agricultural ventures such as these. The couple also gives tribute to the individuals and groups who assisted them along each leg of their journey: Josh McKim – Nodaway County Economic Development Corporation, Bank Northwest, Stanberry – Ken Henggeler and Kody Schieber, Missouri Enterprise – Jamey Quelle, the Department of Economic Development – Linda Martin, the Small Business Development Center – Rebecca Lobina, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the City of Barnard and the local farmers network.
Steve and Kim hope and dream that in the next 5, 10 to 20 years, their slaughter/processing facility will prosper and expand operations to even better serve our region. For the meantime during the COVID-19 situation, Kim says, “Weekly orders? No worries! Monthly drop offs? No worries! All the wonderful meats including sausages will be available. We'll be setting up live streaming so you can see the goodies and you'll be able to meet the farmers behind it all with interviews and question and answer times! Take heart everyone, your farmers are here for you! “


PlumFit: a New Fitness Option in NW Missouri

Oregon, MO – John and Rachel Plummer recognized a need in their local community and decided to rise to the challenge of opening a new business. They will soon have a business celebration to welcome PlumFit to town. This 24/7 fitness center is the only locally-owned center within 30 to 45 minutes of their location.

Although the couple acknowledge that opening a new business during a pandemic has been a struggle, they offer these words of wisdom: “Opening a business isn’t as scary as it may seem, keep goals realistic and you can be successful.” They credit Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for her help over the rough spots. “Besides coming to our home to personally meet with us, Keli Morris also updated us frequently with emails and assisted on banking, loans, marketing, networking assistance and more. During the pandemic, she emailed often to check in and help where she could,” says the couple.

As soon as PlumFit opened its doors, clients began coming. One client says, “I highly recommend PlumFit if you’re looking for a place to work out and get motivated.” The owners are delighted to be able to provide this service in their community. They say, “We look forward to maintaining personal relationships with clients and bringing new improvements to the facility as time goes on.”


For Immediate Release

Has Beans are Percolating in Burlington Junction,MO

Burlington Junction MO -

Collette Parry, Eliana Roshel and Dean Kelly are starting a new business called “Has Beans. “ They offer drive through hot and cold beverages and a selection of home baked goods. Their signature ‘Sweetwater’ organic coffee is presented in a variety of ways: traditional espresso (decaffeinated also available), flavored lattes, as a premium filter coffee and as a delicious cold brew. They also have Chai tea, speciality teas and herbal teas.

Features that make their business unique compared to other area drive-throughs is that they are not a chain and that their baked goods are unique to their business. Collette Parry says, “Our coffee is organic, and ethically sourced. Our cups are biodegradable/compostable. We want our customers to truly enjoy our products.”

When asked what made the partners decide to become entrepreneurs, Collette replied, “Necessity. We are all very independent and motivated people. Dean and I have been ‘entrepreneurs’ for most of our working lives. In this instance, Covid 19 has impacted our bed and breakfast business. We wanted to reduce our level of direct contact with the public, but we still needed to earn a living. Eliana and her daughter have relocated here from New York, again because of the impact of Covid 19 on their lives.”

They say that their biggest struggle in starting this new business has been their rural location. It is difficult to find suppliers and get deliveries. This means they must purchase everything ahead of time online because what they need is not available locally.

Their vision for the future is that their coffee stand is successful and becomes a valued business in their community for many years to come. Collette says, “We hope that the City of Burlington Junction thrives and that more new businesses can succeed in small communities like ours.”

The entrepreneurs appreciate the assistance of Keli Morris, NWMEF Facilitator. “They have given us some really useful contacts as well as some excellent advertising pointers.” For other entrepreneurs dreaming about starting their own businesses, they say: “Have enough savings to keep your head above water for longer than you think. While you are busy setting up your new business your domestic financial requirements are not put on hold. Budget carefully, then add another 50%. It always costs so much more to set up a new business than you initially calculate. Have patience. Keep the faith. If it was a great idea before you started then have faith in yourself to make it happen.”


Topline Nutrition – a New Business in Savannah
Savannah, MO. – Connie Bringus has created a new business which will provide healthy shakes, tea socials and fitness clubs where all can come together to exercise and learn ways to become more happy and healthy, while building lasting friendships. Other services available through Topline Nutrition will be complimentary wellness profiles with a shake, tea, aloe membership, suggestions for improving eating habits, assistance with weight management, accountability and one on one support. Customers will receive guidance on developing a healthy lifestyle with solid plans for achieving great results.
How did the decision to become an entrepreneur come about? Connie says, “Meeting with Angie and Cory Buskey at their club, Body Fuel in St Joseph, is when I fell in love with making the shakes and teas. I decided I wanted to have my own club. They have been so supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t have done this without their help. Another reason I decided to open my own place is that I struggled with my weight all my life, and I want to be able to share what I have learned with others. I love people and want to see our community healthy and happy.”
When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Connie says that balancing time and finances to get the business up and running has been the biggest hurdle. She is grateful to Keli Morris, of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the assistance she gave in supporting this business creation. “I learned about Keli through a Leigh Spicer at Sports Page and Phil Rogers at the Courthouse. She helped me with budgeting and business organization with record keeping. She has been an invaluable resource because I have never owned a business before, never even imagined that I would, and she has helped me every step of the way.” Connie has a big dream to accomplish in the next five to ten years: “I envision a big family of friends and colleagues making healthy choices and promoting wellness in this community and surrounding areas.” But her advice to would-be entrepreneurs is confident. “Reach out in your community for support and encouragement. Especially other business owners, they have a wealth of information and have been invaluable to me.”


Maryville, MO – Josh and Bridget are bringing something new to town with their business The Pure Natural Depot. The new business is located at 24722 North Main. They describe the purpose of their business as a dietary supplement sales store centered around CBD Oil & Hemp Products.  They want you to know that, “Our CBD/Hemp based product line is always evolving which allows us to research and integrate the highest quality goods regardless of brand. Additionally, handmade and house label products are available to supplement the void major manufacturers have missed.”

Josh and Bridget affirm that their business will be unique in that, “We provide products and service that no one else can.  We have in house labels formulated with ingredients/combinations specific to PND and methods of administration with a metered dosing strategy resulting in a reduced dosage with quicker more efficient bioavailability.  That means that with our service, there is minimal dilution between product and point of service contact. ‘Label=us.’"

The couple acknowledge that the path to their business creation has had its ups and downs with the biggest challenge of finding enough time to do all the tasks needed to bring it to reality. They appreciate the help received from Josh McKim and Keli Morris in finding resources for them to use in the creation of their business. They offer these words of wisdom to other potential entrepreneurs, “You won’t regret being patient, but you will regret giving up. Never, never, never give up on something you truly believe in, no matter how difficult things may get.”


Tuck Point Bar & Grill Opens in Ravenwood

Ravenwood, MO. –

Bringing new life to a vacant building is one pleasing aspect Colby Wiederholt is happy about, as he opens his new business, the Tuck Point Bar and Grill in Ravenwood, MO.  Colby says “We’ve brought life to a vacant building on Main Street and now it will serve our community and surrounding communities for years to come.  We named the restaurant Tuck Point Bar & Grill because the old building needed hours of tuck pointing work done. A majority of the work was completed by me so it has a meaningful name, not only for me, but we also as a unique name for our community to remember.”

Tuck Point Bar & Grill is a full service restaurant and bar. With his restaurant, Colby aims to provide excellent service to the community and surrounding area.

Colby used the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation to give his business idea a boost.  He says, “I learned about NWMEF through social media and friends.  They have greatly assisted with the planning of the grand opening, information on marketing, guidance with financials and willingness to assist with any questions we may have to help us become successful in this industry.”


Rock Port, MO – Courtney Meyerkorth has created a unique business which will cater to a variety of learners and ages with interest in art. The Creative Outlet provides art classes for home education students, after school art enrichment for public school students and adult classes during the day. Interested patrons could take a class over their lunch break! The classes will be grouped by week and each group attends three consecutive class meetings each 50 min long. Home education students, public school students, adults – all will be accommodated. Class capacity is set for ten students and optimal growth is the goal.

Courtney says, “You don’t have to be an art superstar to attend. We’re going to experiment and try new techniques. Our culture is so presentation-based right now that it can deter people from even attempting something new. The real joy is in the process; moving the paint around the canvas, creating an image without using lines, learning about perspective and how to make something appear 3D on a 2D surface. It’s going to be fun! Sign up!”

Courtney says that she decided to become an entrepreneur because everything fell into place.  “I had been thinking about offering art lessons to home education families and would have started in our home garage, but then the space became available on Main Street and that was the game changer. Suddenly I could accommodate a larger group of students in a public space that is easily accessible. I decided to move forward because I want to offer a service within my community that will bring opportunities for others. I think when more options for enrichment are available in a community, the whole area wins.”  Students and adults can book a class now on the website or email Courtney at Registration at the studio will be on August 21st from 3 PM to 7 PM. 


Maryville, MO. – A business celebration will be held at the new office of Renae Luke, MHS, CCCSLP. She is a certified speech-language pathologist and the owner of Luke Therapy Services, LLC. Luke Therapy Services, LLC, provides pediatric-based speech, language, and literacy services. These services include diagnostic evaluations and treatment of communication and language-based reading disorders. Luke Therapy Services, LLC, offers traditional speech and language services. What makes the clinic unique is the emphasis placed on language-based literacy. There is not another clinic in the area offering comprehensive evaluations for language-based reading disorders (which includes dyslexia) and direct, explicit, multisensory instruction to remediate these disorders. What makes the physical location of Luke Therapy Services unique is that the building houses a total of four small businesses, all owned by women, who believe in collaborating to provide exceptional care and promote wellness to the northwest Missouri community. Renae is enthusiastic about her new business. She says, “I absolutely love what I do! I saw an opportunity to do what I love near my hometown. The need for therapies in northwest Missouri is vast. There is no reason families should have to travel long distances for high-quality speech, language and literacy services. My experience in both the medical and school settings of speech-language pathology made me feel confident in my knowledge and skill-set to make the transition to owning my own practice.” The new business owner heard about NWMEF helping other small businesses in the area through her mom who encouraged her to reach out and get more information. After contacting Keli Morris, she realized that opening a new business involves learning all of the components that happen behind the scenes. Renae says, “I do not have a business degree and have relied heavily on the knowledge and expertise of local professionals to guide me in the process of opening a business. I know how to do my job and am confident in my skills as a speech-language pathologist, but there has been a learning curve to becoming a self-employed speech-language pathologist!” Now her goal will be to build a reputation for exceptional care offered in a friendly, comfortable environment.


Maryville, MO – Brenda Hammett has worked hard to create a unique business which will provide services to men and women alike at her new business she is calling, “The Haircut Place”! But she will be offering more than haircuts. Her services include: men’s and women’s haircuts/color, as well as facials, commercial peels, lash lifts, lash and brow tenting, skin care, full body waxing, and makeup. Brenda says, “My business is all about the customer, all about the person that walks in the door. It’s a place where you can get your hair done at the same time you have a facial or get your make up done. Guy’s cuts come with a hot towel and shoulder massage.” She encourages all to check out her website: After having worked for corporate America, Brenda decided she needed a change. She says, “Sometimes corporate America runs your life and my life isn’t for sale. So I could have kept doing what I was doing, in the industrial distribution industry, or go back to school to create my own positive environment. I have been a licensed esthetician for 9 years and a cosmetologist for 5 years. The opportunities in this field are endless. I look for opportunities for the Maryville community and hope to grow or enhance those services. I am here to serve the Maryville community.” Brenda is passionate about what she does. She knows that many times people buy hair and skin products that don’t work for them. She is sure she can assist. “I am all about helping people find the right products. As an esthetician I am licensed to work on 3 layers below the skin. Therefore my skincare works like that and we have amazing results. My main hair care line is Cote Hair and it performs well. It is GMO free and contains all plant based products.” This entrepreneur says that she heard about the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation from a board member, David Shadinger. He encouraged her to call Keli Morris, Facilitator, for business support. Brenda says, “She was always available to answer any questions that I have had and point me in the right direction.”


King City, MO – Law Farms, LLC opens storefront

Brad Law with Law Farms, LLC grows and sells produce, pumpkins and even popped gourmet popcorn, kettle corn and fresh made cotton candy.  You might find Brad throughout Northwest Missouri set up at different festivals selling his delicious products, but now you can also find him on the farm at their recently opened storefront.  Brad also sells his popcorn all across the United States through his online store, find him on Facebook @law farms LLC or their eBay shop.

Brad has taken a twist on traditional farming and has found a niche in the popcorn business.  The farm produces acres of popping corn which Brad then sells.  He has even perfected his skills in making gourmet popcorn with flavors like birthday cake, cookies and cream, cheese pizza or peanut butter and jelly.  To further his popcorn business, Law Farms, LLC also works with area organizations and schools doing fundraisers where groups can gain a 40-50% profit of their fundraising sales. 

When asking Brad why he chose to be an entrepreneur, he said that “farming is like the MAFIA…you are born into it and there are two ways out: death or jail and putting a farmer behind a desk all day is the same as putting him in jail.”  While farming certainly is not a job for those that aren’t willing to put in 16-18 hour days at times; Brad loves what he does and has high hopes for the family business.  Brad envisions the business growing enough where they can keep all three of his boys busy as they go through high school. 

Brad learned about Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation through the late, David Waltemath.  Brad shares that the group has been great at connecting him to resources and people and answering questions about business when needed.


Small Town Bakery with Big-Time Taste Oregon, MO -

Charmaine Flint and her son Chris are opening Duck Inn Bake Shop, where you can relax and enjoy delicious baked goods with Espresso and specialties coffees in downtown Oregon, MO. Charmaine’s son, Chris Flint, is a San Francisco Culinary Arts (Le Cordon Bleu) Pastry Chef graduate with a passion for cooking and baking and has led him to offer his specialties in a retail setting. Charmaine has owned her own businesses in the past and wanted to collaborate and share her experiences with Keli Morris, Enterprise Facilitator to fulfill her son Chris’s dream and aspirations for the Bake Shop. Already being a board member for Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation, Charmaine, new that the free and confidential resources they provide anyone wishing to start or grow a business would be helpful as she embarked on this journey with her son. Charmaine says, “NWMEF and Keli have been my support system, my advisor and counsel for business practices.” When asked whether she has any “words of wisdom” for other individuals wanting to start a new business venture, Charmaine replied with a list of helpful questions she herself had to work through: “What are your passions? Is this the business you plan on being in? Is there a market for your product? Is the location that you are considering able to support the life of your business and how long? Do you have the endurance and financial backing? Do you have a good support system in place now? Do you have the experience to run this business or do you have experienced people to run it? Do you have legal advisors and a tax person?” Now comes the joy of offering his culinary creations to the public and experiencing the thrill of sharing his baking talents with others as a proprietor of a small town bakery. What do they name as their dream for the future? “Growing into a full service bakery and café and also serving lunches and special occasion evening meals.” It will be exciting to see this dream unfold!


Savannah, MO – Stacey Wiedmer, MS, a Licensed Professional Counselor, is starting a new business in Savannah, MO called “True Spirit Counseling,” which will provide confidential counseling services for people of all ages. Stacey is an experienced licensed practitioner. She describes herself as having a great passion for helping people become the best version of themselves, using a strengths-based approach. Her service is unique in that she is self-pay only. However her hourly rates are very competitive and she can often provide a receipt to a client’s insurance company for partial reimbursement. She says she ventured out into starting her own business because it is in her blood. She says, “My mom has always owned her own business and she is a great role model. Also I’m at a point in my life where I needed the challenge of building my own practice.” Stacey describes her theoretical orientation as cognitive-behavioral, along with an eclectic approach to therapy depending on the needs of the individual. She is trained in family systems, motivational interviewing, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback and other relaxation techniques. Stacey offers a warm, accepting and positive environment for her clients. She emphasizes the benefits of counseling for all to consider: less anxiety, greater self-confidence, better relationships, regaining emotional balance, increased assertiveness, stress relief, ability to set boundaries, trauma resolution, and more. In starting this new venture as a business owner, Stacey offers these words of wisdom, “Don’t listen to the doubters and the people saying you can’t do it or you shouldn’t take the risk. Believe in yourself.” She heard about the availability of business advice from Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation through Vocational Rehabilitation, and says that it was helpful for marketing ideas.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC a new business with services in Counseling, Life Coaching, Non-medical in-home care, WRAP groups and professional trainings.

Janell Moore, MS, LPC, LMHP owner of Holistic Resolutions, LLC is providing professional services in Counseling, Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA), Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) instructor. Janell is a Licensed Practicing Counselor in Missouri, Licensed Mental Health Practitioner in Nebraska, and a Professional Life Coach. Janell has worked as a professional counselor for over 7 years. Prior to opening her private practice, she has been employed with Peru State College as an adjunct instructor and Licensed Student Counselor. In previous years she employed as a therapist serving the severe and persistent mental illness. Janell states, “over the years I have assisted many families and individuals to help make their lives more fulfilling”. Janell has a BS in Criminal Justice/Administration and MS in Humana Services and Clinical Counseling. Janell has served many individuals that have experienced severe trauma, substance use and mental health symptoms.

Wenona Fischer BS Special Education is contracted with Holistic Resolutions, LLC to provide non-medical in-home care services. Wenona has been serving the mentally challenged and elderly individuals for over 30 years. Wenona has retired from full-time special education teaching in the past couple years, but has continued to work in her passion of assisting the elderly and the mentally challenged.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC currently provides Counseling, Life Coaching, Non-medical in-home care, Wellness groups and professional training. Professional Counseling Services are for individual and family services to those who need assistance in creating a more fulfilling life, process through trauma and grief, develop skills to manage mental health symptoms, process through recovery, maintain wellness and balance, and many more. Counseling services are billable through insurances and are face-to-face either in home or in the office.

Life Coaching is a way for a person to increase their motivation, problem solving, transition to (a new environment, school, career, job and more), to move forward with life goals or develop new ones and how to achieve those goals. Life Coaching is for those who are mostly doing well but find they are looking for a purpose or feel stuck and need to assistance by gaining self-efficacy. Life Coaching is not counseling and only focuses on the future and how to achieve those goals. Life Coaching is private pay and can be over the phone, in office or in home.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC also gives training opportunities in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention training to those who want to have a better understanding how to assist others with mental health issues and how to find professional resources in your community. Holistic Resolutions, LLC also provides Wellness, Recover, Action, Plan (WRAP) training groups for those individuals in recovery from mental health or substance use.

Non-Medical in-home care services are provided with contracting agent Wenona Fischer whom assist individuals in-home to elderly or mentally challenged individuals. These support services give a person the assistance in staying in their home through offering varies of services from general cleaning to someone assisting in meal planning, prepping and preparing and many more.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment contact Janell Moore at (660) 253-0601,, Facebook HolisticResolutions@janellmoorecounseling  or Wenona Fischer at (660) 253-0907.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC mission is to provide professional services that assist individuals and families in building on their strengths, increasing their skills, knowledge, and giving support to increase overall wellness for the mind and the body. “Our lives are full of experiences, it is what we do with those experiences that can make the difference”.


The Eight Point Grill is Firing up for Business Celebration!

Maryville, MO. – A new business is firing up for a business celebration soon in Maryville, Missouri. Owner Michael Beattie is excited about his Eight Point Grill Restaurant. He tells how this fulfillment of a dream came about: “I was attending Northwest and took the summer off.  I’ve wanted to own my own restaurant for a long time and I’ve owned other businesses in the past.  So I decided it would be good to bring something different to Maryville, such as a sit down home cooked meal place.  I wanted to bring fresh good food to my hometown, with an at-home feel, so folks can sit down, socialize, put phones down and enjoy.”

Michael shares that his dad had a great influence on his decision to open his own restaurant: “He had two different restaurants in Maryville, while I was growing up. I have lots of memories from being in his restaurants,  Starvin’ Marvin’s five mile restaurant and then the Little Chef.” 

The Eight Point Grill will offer home style cooking, non -processed type foods, and fresh local farm beef. The owner will have a revolving menu and will offer daily specials and frequent promotions. Michael says, “I am excited to be able to offer a variety of foods including barbeque.  The steak or chicken philly sandwich is amazing as well.”

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Michael admits that there have been some “stop-n-go” hurdles. He says, “Contractors in Maryville are very busy so it was hard to find available contractors in the time frame I needed.  Getting all the licensing and things in order for the business was also time-consuming and challenging.”  Michael advises other entrepreneurs to take an honest look at their budgets.  “There will be lots of hidden things that you don’t even think about that will come up.”

Michael was grateful for the help he received from Josh McKim, of the Nodaway County Economic Development Office and Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the help they gave in supporting his business creation.

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation along with the Maryville Chamber of Commerce is hosting a business celebration and ribbon cutting to welcome Eight Point Grill to the community on day, 8th 2018 at 11 a.m. Eight Point Grill is located at 523 North Main Street, Maryville, Missouri.


Prairie Specialties, LLC – a little country store near King City

King City, MO. – A new business has opened near King City, MO, Prairie Specialties, LLC.  Tim and Janet Morey are pleased to offer a little country store selling Amish bulk foods, fresh meats and cheeses from their deli counter along with gift items. 

Tim and Janet Morey are excited to see their dream become a reality.  “This dream has been in the works for about seven years,” Janet said.  She continues by saying “it has been worth all of the effort we have put into it.”  They have selected the finest products to offer in bulk foods.  You will find anything from flour to rice, dry pasta, seasonings and candies and more.  They will also have fresh ham, turkey, roast beef and a variety of cheeses.  Some of cheese selections have already been a big hit! 

When asked what makes their business unique to others in the industry Tim stated, “The farmers have enjoyed having us out here when they are in the field.  They can call ahead and we can make up sandwiches to go.”  “We’ll have chips and drinks available as well so you can stop by and get lunch,” Tim adds. “There isn’t anywhere within a 25 mile radius where you can get fresh deli meat and cheese sliced to order,” Janet stated.

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Janet said, “Construction and remodeling took much longer than we anticipated.”  She offers her words of wisdom to other small business owners out there, “Just stick with it.  It will probably take longer than you think to get things up and going.”

Looking to the future, Janet said, “We are hoping to expand our current building with the first 5 years and planned for that with our initial construction.  We have three children and ten grandchildren and hope to have a family business that carries a great product to our customers.  We hope to make a fair profit doing so, and by the grace of God, touch some lives, make some new friends and share this heritage with our family.”    

Tim and Janet were grateful to Keli Morris, of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the help she gave in supporting their business creation.  “Keli helped us get the actual business set up, assisting us with paperwork we needed to file.  She has met with us numerous times and has answered questions that we’ve had along the way.”


We are assisting MWSU Craig School of Business and the Savannah Chamber of Commerce with the business celebration of Cardinal Country Bakery, owner, Gina Nielsen  401 W Main St Savannah MO.  All we need is a certificate and a post card invite.  The celebration is next Wednesday, November 14th at 11 am.


Business Celebration for Envy Apparel, a Unique Boutique in Maryville, MO

Maryville, MO – Realizing a long awaited dream, Owner Cheyann Marrison has opened a new storefront in Maryville.  Cheyann says, “Envy Apparel is the first boutique around carrying women’s apparel and tactical gear. This will be the place men will actually want to join their wives on their shopping trip. Plus it is the only tactical store around for our military, law enforcement, and EMS personnel.

Cheyann once thought her dream of becoming an entrepreneur was far-fetched. Last June she decided for fun to create a facebook page to sell items, and to her astonishment, she soon had 4100 members. She says, “All of a sudden my dream didn't seem so far-fetched after all, so I just went for it.”

This new business owner has high hopes for the future. “In the next 5 years I hope to be the “go to store” for tactical gear rather than having all of our emergency personnel, law enforcement, and military drive up to 2 hours away to get the apparel they need or want. I also hope to be known for the shop ladies can find trendy items at a reasonable price, so spoiling themselves won't be something to feel guilty about later.”

Words of wisdom she would share with others who set out as entrepreneurs are “Don't be too scared to make it reality. I'm still terrified, but it's supposed to be scary. If you don't open yourself up to the possibility of failure, you aren't opening yourself up to the chance of success either.”

The Maryville Chamber told Cheyann about Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation and recommended that she try their services. “Keli walked me through setting up my LLC and getting all of the permits needed to get started. She also helped make sure I was on the right track with my business plan,” she says. Now she is looking forward to the business celebration and future customers.


Blue Water Sales & Antiques, a new antique store in Mound City

Mound City, MO – Vicki Yates has opened a new business in Mound City, MO called “Blue Water Sales and Antiques.” She says, “My husband, Ridge, and I are both retired, but I wasn’t done yet.”  They already had a love of antiques and decided that Vicki would open a business to share their passion of antiques with others. 

Vicki is excited to bring quality antiques, gifts, furniture, jewelry and more to her store.  Vicki said, “I won’t have any reproductions, only authentic antiques.”  Vicki describes her store as having a little funky flare to it.  “It’s not your average antique store,” she says.  You’ll just have to stop in and see for yourself.  You will find a wide array of antique pieces that would be great to add to your home.”

When asked how she envisions her business in the future, Vicki responded, “I hope that our store becomes an asset to the town.”  They would love to see business from local and regional clients.  Vicki added, “Our hope is that it will spring up additional stores in our town.” 

Vicki used the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris to help with setting up the business, marketing and financial planning.  Vicki was connected to her through Joe Laukemper.  Vicki stated, “Joe did us a big favor by introducing us to Keli.  We couldn’t have done this without her help!”


Stanberry, MO – Kelly Ann Wilmes is opening a new business in Stanberry, MO called “W5 Accounting, LLC.” She says, “The two main reasons for wanting to start my own business is to provide a wide array of accounting services at reasonable rates, while still having the flexibility I need for my family.”  Kelly has 23 years of public accounting experience.  Some of the services Kelly will provide are Business and Individual Taxes, Monthly Accounting Services, Payroll, and QuickBooks Consulting.

Kelly is excited about the software she is using.  “About my QuickBooks ProAdvisor,” she says, “QuickBooks is a streamlined accounting software.  By being a ProAdvisor, I have the tools and training needed to get the most out of the software.  I am able to help in all areas including setup, training, payroll and consulting.  If QB is being used correctly, it is definitely a great asset to your business.”

What does she like most about accounting? “I would have to say problem solving.”  She adds, “I also love the way it all ties together from checks and balances, to reconciling, to summarizing it all in to comprehensive reporting.  The fundamentals of the way it all flows together and balances is pretty intriguing.”

Another aspect of her business is helping those in the rural community.  Kelly says, “I definitely enjoy working with small businesses as well as getting small businesses up and going.  This includes filing the appropriate state forms, filing for an LLC or preparing and S Election, setting up payroll, setting up and an accounting system correctly that will prepare accurate financial reports.” 

Kelly used the services of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris to get ideas on how to proceed with advertising and building her client base. She was connected to this great resource through Tara Wilmes.