Maryville, MO. – A new business is firing up for a business celebration soon in Maryville, Missouri. Owner Michael Beattie is excited about his Eight Point Grill Restaurant. He tells how this fulfillment of a dream came about: “I was attending Northwest and took the summer off.  I’ve wanted to own my own restaurant for a long time and I’ve owned other businesses in the past.  So I decided it would be good to bring something different to Maryville, such as a sit down home cooked meal place.  I wanted to bring fresh good food to my hometown, with an at-home feel, so folks can sit down, socialize, put phones down and enjoy.”

Michael shares that his dad had a great influence on his decision to open his own restaurant: “He had two different restaurants in Maryville, while I was growing up. I have lots of memories from being in his restaurants,  Starvin’ Marvin’s five mile restaurant and then the Little Chef.” 

The Eight Point Grill will offer home style cooking, non -processed type foods, and fresh local farm beef. The owner will have a revolving menu and will offer daily specials and frequent promotions. Michael says, “I am excited to be able to offer a variety of foods including barbeque.  The steak or chicken philly sandwich is amazing as well.”

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Michael admits that there have been some “stop-n-go” hurdles. He says, “Contractors in Maryville are very busy so it was hard to find available contractors in the time frame I needed.  Getting all the licensing and things in order for the business was also time-consuming and challenging.”  Michael advises other entrepreneurs to take an honest look at their budgets.  “There will be lots of hidden things that you don’t even think about that will come up.”

Michael was grateful for the help he received from Josh McKim, of the Nodaway County Economic Development Office and Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the help they gave in supporting his business creation.

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation along with the Maryville Chamber of Commerce is hosting a business celebration and ribbon cutting to welcome Eight Point Grill to the community on day, 8th 2018 at 11 a.m. Eight Point Grill is located at 523 North Main Street, Maryville, Missouri.