Holistic Resolutions, LLC a new business with services in Counseling, Life Coaching, Non-medical in-home care, WRAP groups and professional trainings.

Janell Moore, MS, LPC, LMHP owner of Holistic Resolutions, LLC is providing professional services in Counseling, Life Coaching, Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA), Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) instructor. Janell is a Licensed Practicing Counselor in Missouri, Licensed Mental Health Practitioner in Nebraska, and a Professional Life Coach. Janell has worked as a professional counselor for over 7 years. Prior to opening her private practice, she has been employed with Peru State College as an adjunct instructor and Licensed Student Counselor. In previous years she employed as a therapist serving the severe and persistent mental illness. Janell states, “over the years I have assisted many families and individuals to help make their lives more fulfilling”. Janell has a BS in Criminal Justice/Administration and MS in Humana Services and Clinical Counseling. Janell has served many individuals that have experienced severe trauma, substance use and mental health symptoms.

Wenona Fischer BS Special Education is contracted with Holistic Resolutions, LLC to provide non-medical in-home care services. Wenona has been serving the mentally challenged and elderly individuals for over 30 years. Wenona has retired from full-time special education teaching in the past couple years, but has continued to work in her passion of assisting the elderly and the mentally challenged.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC currently provides Counseling, Life Coaching, Non-medical in-home care, Wellness groups and professional training. Professional Counseling Services are for individual and family services to those who need assistance in creating a more fulfilling life, process through trauma and grief, develop skills to manage mental health symptoms, process through recovery, maintain wellness and balance, and many more. Counseling services are billable through insurances and are face-to-face either in home or in the office.

Life Coaching is a way for a person to increase their motivation, problem solving, transition to (a new environment, school, career, job and more), to move forward with life goals or develop new ones and how to achieve those goals. Life Coaching is for those who are mostly doing well but find they are looking for a purpose or feel stuck and need to assistance by gaining self-efficacy. Life Coaching is not counseling and only focuses on the future and how to achieve those goals. Life Coaching is private pay and can be over the phone, in office or in home.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC also gives training opportunities in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention training to those who want to have a better understanding how to assist others with mental health issues and how to find professional resources in your community. Holistic Resolutions, LLC also provides Wellness, Recover, Action, Plan (WRAP) training groups for those individuals in recovery from mental health or substance use.

Non-Medical in-home care services are provided with contracting agent Wenona Fischer whom assist individuals in-home to elderly or mentally challenged individuals. These support services give a person the assistance in staying in their home through offering varies of services from general cleaning to someone assisting in meal planning, prepping and preparing and many more.

For more information about our services or to make an appointment contact Janell Moore at (660) 253-0601, ja.fischercounseling@gmail.com, Facebook HolisticResolutions@janellmoorecounseling  or Wenona Fischer at (660) 253-0907.

Holistic Resolutions, LLC mission is to provide professional services that assist individuals and families in building on their strengths, increasing their skills, knowledge, and giving support to increase overall wellness for the mind and the body. “Our lives are full of experiences, it is what we do with those experiences that can make the difference”.