August 19, 2019 New Business Provides Speech and Language Services in Maryville Maryville, MO. – A business celebration will be held at the new office of Renae Luke, MHS, CCCSLP. She is a certified speech-language pathologist and the owner of Luke Therapy Services, LLC. Luke Therapy Services, LLC, provides pediatric-based speech, language, and literacy services. These services include diagnostic evaluations and treatment of communication and language-based reading disorders. Luke Therapy Services, LLC, offers traditional speech and language services. What makes the clinic unique is the emphasis placed on language-based literacy. There is not another clinic in the area offering comprehensive evaluations for language-based reading disorders (which includes dyslexia) and direct, explicit, multisensory instruction to remediate these disorders. What makes the physical location of Luke Therapy Services unique is that the building houses a total of four small businesses, all owned by women, who believe in collaborating to provide exceptional care and promote wellness to the northwest Missouri community. Renae is enthusiastic about her new business. She says, “I absolutely love what I do! I saw an opportunity to do what I love near my hometown. The need for therapies in northwest Missouri is vast. There is no reason families should have to travel long distances for high-quality speech, language and literacy services. My experience in both the medical and school settings of speech-language pathology made me feel confident in my knowledge and skill-set to make the transition to owning my own practice.” The new business owner heard about NWMEF helping other small businesses in the area through her mom who encouraged her to reach out and get more information. After contacting Keli Morris, she realized that opening a new business involves learning all of the components that happen behind the scenes. Renae says, “I do not have a business degree and have relied heavily on the knowledge and expertise of local professionals to guide me in the process of opening a business. I know how to do my job and am confident in my skills as a speech-language pathologist, but there has been a learning curve to becoming a self-employed speech-language pathologist!” Now her goal will be to build a reputation for exceptional care offered in a friendly, comfortable environment. Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation is hosting a business celebration, along with the Maryville Chamber, to welcome Luke Therapy Services, LLC on Tuesday, August 27th, 3:00 P.M. The celebration will be held at 200 N. Dewey St., Maryville, MO 64468.