Unplug, Unwind, Recharge, and Reconnect at the Maryville Board Game Café

Across the nation and in communities large and small, entrepreneurs are capitalizing on a growing desire among people to reconnect with family and friends in a relaxing atmosphere. Scott and Thuy Copeland are inviting all to their new business, the Maryville Board Game Café. In a time when so many spend hours in the digital world, Scott and Thuy hope to encourage people to interact and relate with one another. Their services include entertainment in the form of a large board game library containing games for all ages. They will offer coffee roasted in small batches to provide the absolute freshest coffee available in Maryville prepared by experienced baristas.

In sharing what motivated them to start this business, they say: “We were living in the Kansas City area and found ourselves in a position where we no longer needed to work for someone else. When we realized this, we took action. Aside from deciding where to start our business, we longed to raise our family in a small town. We lived in Maryville previously and both attended NWMSU, so it was a natural choice to return here. Maryville is unique because it has a strong, small-town community mixed with “big city” services and amenities.”

When the couple moved back and started working with the college, they conducted marketing research to determine the feasibility of starting a board game café. They recognized the fact that Maryville needed more entertainment options for both college students and families, so they found a workable business idea to fill that need. They talked about the challenges that faced them: “The biggest hurdle was scheduling and coordinating all the work that needed done. We found our ideal location quickly, but had to do extensive remodeling to make the space work for us. Remodeling is not a skillset either of us have. We were so lucky when we found the incredibly talented people who helped us get where we are: Ryan Constant, Shane Garrett, Bob McGuiness, Kurt Bowman. If you’re reading this, Thank You!”

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation and the Maryville Chamber will host a Business Celebration for Maryville Board Game Café on January 16th, 2018, at 2:00 PM at 324 N. Main Street, Maryville, MO 64468.