Meet a New Business in Tarkio: Golden Salon and Boutique!

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Mark Your Calendars: Meet a New Business in Tarkio: Golden Salon and Boutique!

Maryville, MO – Alexis Honan, is the owner of a new business in Tarkio. Having lived outside the area for almost 20 years, she is delighted to be “at home” again in NWMO and to offer her hair salon services at her new business, the Golden Salon and Boutique. The business is located inside of Cut Ups Family Hair care owned by Julie Barnett. Alexis say, “Julie invited me into her salon space to make it my new salon home. We are located on 419 Main in Tarkio MO.”

What clients can expect when they contact Golden Salon and Boutique is personalized service. Alexis says, “I love to get an idea of what you are wanting service-wise. This allows me to give us the right amount of time needed. I will typically ask you to text or pm me pictures for inspiration. This allows me to be on the same page as far as what you are expecting or wanting for your end result. When you come in for your visit I will do a consultation and assess what steps we need to take to get you to your desired look. I will then give you a price quote before we get started, and if all sounds great we will proceed.”

Alexis has a broad experience in the salon industry, having worked almost 20 years from the technical to the business side of it. She says, “I have been blessed to work in salons that have always been about the guest’s experience. My goal is always to give an experience that you walk away from feeling “golden”. I want to spread the light and love that has come into my life. That is partly where the name Golden Salon and Boutique came from.”

Asked about her entrepreneurial journey, Alexis said, “If I could give any advice at all to anyone starting a business it’s to not be afraid to make phone calls and ask for help. I would also say pray on it. I truly believe when you are on the path meant for you that things just fall into place in the most mysterious ways. Monica Bailey reached out and set up a meeting with Keli Morris. I am so grateful to have met both of these amazing women. Keli has facilitated my ribbon cutting. I am so excited to celebrate the opening of my new business. But none of this would be possible without Julie Barnett and all of my family’s and friends’ support. A big thank you to everyone that has been with me on this journey. Thank you to the town of Tarkio for all the love and support.”

The Tarkio Chamber of Commerce and NWMEF will host a business celebration for “Golden Salon and Boutiqueon Friday, December 3, 2021, at 3:30 P.M. at 419 Main St., Tarkio, MO 64491. The public is invited to attend.

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