We have all witnessed the power of helping those in need. That is why non-profits are such an amazing part of our communities. Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation not only nurtures the growth and development of small businesses; the organization also strives to plant strong foundations for non­profits and charitable organizations.

Working with NWMEF is a free and confidential service that non-­profits can use to create a strategy, discuss financial planning and lead discussions within the board, among many other helpful tools. NWMEF works with organizations in Atchison, Nodaway, Worth, Holt, Andrew and Gentry counties.

NWMEF Facilitator Keli Morris, works with non-­profits on developing marketing and financial plans, as well as board retention, leadership and succession planning and sets goals for future sustainability. The board, made up of over 70 regional business owners, community leaders and volunteers, help make connections to needed resources and networking opportunities.

"We are happy to have Kelli as our facilitator.  With her strong financial background and her collaborative personality, she is a perfect person to be assisting entrepreneurs.  I am excited to support the great efforts of NWMEF as a board member, as we continue to strengthen and sustain our rural communities. " states Annette Weeks, Director of Center for Entrepreneurship Craig School of Business.

"The time I have spent working with the NWMEF board members has been an extremely gratifying experience for me, exceeded only by the satisfaction of seeing our clients achieve their dreams." States Owner Joe Laukemper, of Laukemper Motors, Mound City, MO.

Allen Andrews, 1st Districts MO State Representative, states.  "NWMEF has proven to be a vital source of information and connectivity for aspiring entrepreneurs in Northwest Missouri.  The networking opportunities within this group are far reaching and beyond compare.  As a result, many lives have been touched by successful business launches that have led to steady economic growth in our region."

From leading discussions during board meetings to creating action plans, NWMEF’s mission is focused on assisting organizations to meet their goals.