Savannah, MO – Bringing a long awaited dream to reality, Owners Kelly Weir and Susan Briner are opening a flower shop in Savannah, Missouri. The services they will offer customers a wide range of possibilities. They will provide arrangements for holiday, wedding or funeral services or any occasion. They will even customize orders to specific needs. The shop will also feature trendy home décor to update your home.

Kelly says, “I had a dream of someday owning my own flower shop business. When my dad, Bill Briner passed away, the opportunity to turn his place of business into my future flower business came about. My good friend/co-worker, Diedra May and I decided to work together to make this possible. I am able to follow in his footsteps, along with Diedra, to make owning my own business possible, right here in Savannah!”

They know the commitment it takes to make a business a success. “The biggest struggle of opening a new business is all the hard work and long hours. Transforming the building which was once a greasy starter/alternator shop into a beautiful flower shop, so far has been the hardest part,” Kelly says.

The owners were pleased that they received assistance from Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation’s Keli Morris. Kelly says, “A commercial lender connected me to Keli. She was so resourceful in guiding me through the necessary steps for me to open my own business. My lender told me my business plan was one of the best!”

​The Blooming Branch, located at 508 South 71 Highway in Savannah, Missouri,