Something New in Town: The Pure Natural Depot

Maryville, MO – Josh and Bridget are bringing something new to town with their business The Pure Natural Depot. The new business is located at 24722 North Main. They describe the purpose of their business as a dietary supplement sales store centered around CBD Oil & Hemp Products.  They want you to know that, “Our CBD/Hemp based product line is always evolving which allows us to research and integrate the highest quality goods regardless of brand. Additionally, handmade and house label products are available to supplement the void major manufacturers have missed.”

Josh and Bridget affirm that their business will be unique in that, “We provide products and service that no one else can.  We have in house labels formulated with ingredients/combinations specific to PND and methods of administration with a metered dosing strategy resulting in a reduced dosage with quicker more efficient bioavailability.  That means that with our service, there is minimal dilution between product and point of service contact. ‘Label=us.’”

The couple acknowledge that the path to their business creation has had its ups and downs with the biggest challenge of finding enough time to do all the tasks needed to bring it to reality. They appreciate the help received from Josh McKim and Keli Morris in finding resources for them to use in the creation of their business. They offer these words of wisdom to other potential entrepreneurs, “You won’t regret being patient, but you will regret giving up. Never, never, never give up on something you truly believe in, no matter how difficult things may get.”

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation is hosting a business celebration, along with the Maryville Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting, to welcome The Pure Natural Depot on Friday, June 21st, 1:00 P.M.  The celebration will be held at 24722 North Main St., Maryville, MO.