May 22, 2019
Topline Nutrition – a New Business in Savannah
Savannah, MO. – Connie Bringus has created a new business which will provide healthy shakes, tea socials and fitness clubs where all can come together to exercise and learn ways to become more happy and healthy, while building lasting friendships. Other services available through Topline Nutrition will be complimentary wellness profiles with a shake, tea, aloe membership, suggestions for improving eating habits, assistance with weight management, accountability and one on one support. Customers will receive guidance on developing a healthy lifestyle with solid plans for achieving great results.
How did the decision to become an entrepreneur come about? Connie says, “Meeting with Angie and Cory Buskey at their club, Body Fuel in St Joseph, is when I fell in love with making the shakes and teas. I decided I wanted to have my own club. They have been so supportive and encouraging. I couldn’t have done this without their help. Another reason I decided to open my own place is that I struggled with my weight all my life, and I want to be able to share what I have learned with others. I love people and want to see our community healthy and happy.”
When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, Connie says that balancing time and finances to get the business up and running has been the biggest hurdle. She is grateful to Keli Morris, of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation for the assistance she gave in supporting this business creation. “I learned about Keli through a Leigh Spicer at Sports Page and Phil Rogers at the Courthouse. She helped me with budgeting and business organization with record keeping. She has been an invaluable resource because I have never owned a business before, never even imagined that I would, and she has helped me every step of the way.” Connie has a big dream to accomplish in the next five to ten years: “I envision a big family of friends and colleagues making healthy choices and promoting wellness in this community and surrounding areas.” But her advice to would-be entrepreneurs is confident. “Reach out in your community for support and encouragement. Especially other business owners, they have a wealth of information and have been invaluable to me.”
Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation is hosting a business celebration, along with the Savannah Chamber, to welcome Topline Nutrition on Friday, May 31st, 10:00 A.M. The celebration will be held at 409 W Main St., Savannah, MO.