Tropical Sno Midwest – a Business Celebration with a Cool Twist

Rock Port, MO. – A new business will celebrate its opening soon in Rock Port, Missouri. When owners, Chris and Amy Shimmel began thinking about business opportunities, they also were thinking about taking the opportunity to control their own future while somehow becoming a blessing to the community. They decided that shaved snow cones fit the bill! The couple says, “It’s a unique summer time treat. It’s made with the highest quality ingredients and ice shaved extremely soft and fluffy. Our flavors taste just like the real thing.”

When asked about the challenges of opening a new business, they admit that there have been challenges. But they expected to have some hurdles, and they immediately began taking on each one. “Startup Capital is always difficult but can be overcome. The biggest key is building a strong team. You’re only as good as the team around you. Finding those right people can be difficult, but we are confident of success,” the couple said. They are so confident that they already see the path to the future: “We opened in two cities this year. We are hoping to open in two more next year and see where we go from there.”

The couple connected with “THE Monica Bailey,” with Atchion County Development Corporation who also directed them to Keli Morris of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation. With the help of these mentors, they gained knowledge that they are happy to share with other entrepreneurs.  “Have patience. Start small. Be wise, know your numbers, understand your customer. Learn to pivot, learn how to market, and most of all, don’t fear failure.”

Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation is hosting a business celebration to welcome Tropical Sno Midwest to the community on Tuesday June 12th 2018 at 12:45 p.m. Tropical Sno Midwest is located at 402 South Main Street, Rock Port, Missouri, 816-324-0101.